Water heater

Silencio FA

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Water heat-exchanger for caravan, motorhome or boat
– Installed in a bulkhead, can be connected to the engine cooling circuit or to an autonomous gas or diesel heater
– Noiseless blower with low power consumption
– It is available with a fan control knob (Silencio FAI version)

Main Features
Calorific Power1500 Kcal/h
Heating Power1.7 BTU/Hr
Airflow110 CFM
Electrical consumption7 W
Noise level48 dB
Weight1 lbs
Water Fitting16 inch ''
Ventilation speed2

12 V 120.14.084 Noir
24 V 120.14.184 Noir
12 V 8300120140850 Gris
24 V 8300120141850 Gris