Water heater

Silencio 2

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– Water heat-exchanger for caravan, motorhome or boat, minibus or ambulance
– Installed in a wall, can be connected to the engine cooling circuit or to an autonomous gas or diesel-powered heater
– Equipped with a noiseless, low power consumption fan

Main Features
Heating Power5.5 BTU/Hr
Airflow250 CFM
Electrical consumption16 W
Noise level48 dB
Weight2 lbs
Ventilation speed2

VoltageWater FittingReferenceColorImagePlan3D
12 V Ø16 inch '' 8300120140300 Noir
24 V Ø16 inch '' 8300120141300 Noir
12 V Ø22 inch '' 8300120140380 Noir
24 V Ø22 inch '' 8300120141380 Noir

Eberspaecher Kalori products may only be used in vehicles that are fully certified by the customer.