Air conditioning




Vertically mounted hybrid evaporator (A/C + PTC electrical heating element) with directional scrolls
The scroll can be pivoted to direct the air in the right direction
Inlets can be fitted with paper filters
Top-of-the-range solution for medium-sized cabs

Main Features
Heating Power2.2 BTU/Hr
Cooling output4.3 BTU/Hr
Airflow390 CFM
Electrical consumption220 W
Ventilation speed3
Heating power level2

Ventilation voltageResistance voltageReferenceElectrical consumptionIntensityImagePlan3D
12 V 24 V 8300122190500 1700 W 71 A
12 V 48 V 8300122190510 1600 W 33 A
12 V 80 V 8300122190520 2200 W 28 A